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Welcome to Sicily, the island of wine. From north to south, from west to east, Sicily is rich in many territories and a lot of biodiversity.
This is why Italy Car Rent, thanks to an idea of Cronache di Gusto web magazine, offers its customers an exclusive opportunity to discover Sicilian wine.

The website shows a map of Sicily with the indication of some of the most representative wineries. It will be possible to consult the map through a brochure present on board the car.

By booking a visit to the winery via phone or email and communicating the number of the license plate rented with Italy Car Rent, you can live an experience linked to good Sicilian wine and have the opportunity of a 25% discount on tastings and 20% on the purchase of wine (excluding shipping costs).

All wineries are briefly described on the website with all the essential information to reach them. 

Enjoy your trip and your tasting!